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To me, BLOOM is not a finished idea.  It’s not the website, it’s not the pop-up element, it’s truly a journey and a lifestyle.  Many years ago, it became very clear to me that any item I needed or desired for my life could be purchased from an artisan.  A person that breathed life into that piece of jewelry, cereal bowl, tea towel, or beautiful bar of soap.  If I purchased fewer mass-produced items, I could have more treasures by paying slightly more for something that was unique and handcrafted, not made in China. 

Watching the 1st episode of Marie Kondo’s popular show Tidying Up was a lightning rod to create BLOOM. 99% of the objects in my home SPARK JOY, and I realized that most people surround themselves with things they don’t LOVE.  If an object isn’t special, if I don’t love it, if I don’t want it in my life forever, I don’t buy it.  I would rather have one beautifully made expensive handbag every 2 years than 10 new ones each year.  I will use the handcrafted bowl I’m eating my dinner out of this evening every week for the rest of my life (or until one of my well-meaning kiddos break it) and the artwork on our walls doesn’t match the couch, but it’s original and brings us great happiness.

I won’t lie, buying handcrafted objects is a selfish act, we want to feel special and buying something unique, that no one else has, is quite the rush.  But what you don’t realize is that buying handcrafted items keeps your money local, feeds a family, sends little girls to camp, and it gives this mom of 2 time with her precious children.  Buying handcrafted makes you a hero to families like mine.  I want you to feel special using our products-my jewelry and soap is made with the purest love and gratitude that I can make my living through my creative nature.  And I want to share that.

In the coming months BLOOM will not just feature my work, it will also host curated goods from other talented artists in our community.  There has never been a better time to bloom, to evolve, to celebrate our individuality by rocking handmade.


Your fearless leader,


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