The Myth of All Natural

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What is in it Wednesday!

What’s in your soap?  Or should I say body bar.  Look at that ‘bar soap’ that you purchased at the grocery and you will likely not find a place on the box that says its actual soap, because it isn’t.  Wait, what?!  Most bars sold in big box stores are detergent, not soap.  Why does that matter?  Because detergent has one job, to remove oil.  It removes all the natural oils from your skin leaving it dry, prone to issues like eczema, and increases the need for lotion and conditioning products. (FYI, big companies absolutely know this-they want to sell you lotion too 😉 doubling how much you spend with them!)

Well formulated handmade soaps are the key to beautiful, healthy skin. Our Sweet Soap Bars and Soapcakes are made with the highest quality vegetable oils and all but two of our bars are vegan.  We use olive oil and shea butter or cocoa butter in every bar that comes out of our studio.  These magical oils are the key to the conditioning power of our product.  We use coconut oil for it’s amazing cleaning power and castor oil for spectacular bubbles.  All 7 oils in our formula have specific and amazing properties that make up the sweetest of soap experiences.  Next time you are purchasing a bar of soap, even handcrafted, I challenge you to turn it over and find out what it’s made of.  Cheaper oils like canola and lard are used in many soaps, but don’t give you the same experience.  

And what about those colors-surely those colors are not ‘natural’ or safe.  Natural is one of my least favorite words. All things that you use, including plastic, sodas, and asbestos are ALL NATURAL, derived from nature.  Everything is made of chemicals including milk, water, and AIR.  We need to rethink our terminology when it comes to products we use.  All natural is a lazy term and it means nothing to consumers and is not regulated by the FDA.   Our soaps are ALL NATURAL and completely made with CHEMICALS-they all are, no matter who makes them. 

Our colorful soap swirls are created using ingredients like rose kaolin clay, activated charcoal, real cocoa powder for our chocolate bars, lab created mica powders (that shimmer you see in your eye shadow or makeup), and eco friendly glitters that use micas as a base.  Mica is a naturally occurring mineral dust and if it is approved for use in eye makeup it is perfectly safe for use in a wash off product like soap.  Shimmery gorgeous mica does an amazing job of coloring our soaps safely. 

I will do a longer post on the fragrances we use in the future, but we are very careful about using scents that are phthalates free and our entire product line is sulfate free.

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