New Harmony Labyrinth Earrings
New Harmony Labyrinth Earrings
New Harmony Labyrinth Earrings
New Harmony Labyrinth Earrings
S.K. Rhoades

New Harmony Labyrinth Earrings

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Not all who wander are lost…
There are labyrinths all around me in Southern Indiana. There is a very special Chartres Labyrinth in New Harmony, IN and a sister labyrinth at the University of Southern Indiana where I spend a lot of my time. They are great things of beauty.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. The spirals encircling this compass are symbolic of the waves or cycles of creation all of life experiences.

On a philosophical level, the symbolic meaning of labyrinth is as complex as the symbol itself. With many twists and turns, the labyrinth does not share its secrets easily.

On the surface the symbolic meaning of the labyrinth deals with:
• passage of time
• spiritual growth
• enlightenment
• connection to source
• rebirth
• resurrection
• emergence
• evolution
• progress
• spiritual path
• initiation

The labyrinth can be a powerful tool for inner enhancement and development. It is designed specifically for this purpose. When walking the labyrinth, we find our perspective constantly changing. Our vision and physical bodies are never facing the same direction for long. This is a technique to coax our inner knowing out from within.

Tight to the ear on small simple wires, they almost seem to float. Light and airy, easy to wear, some texture to the finished metal.

1" long
1/2" wide
Solid sterling silver ear wires
Labyrinth Charm

Each piece will vary slightly from the picture since they are hand hand forged.

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