Mermaid Ring
Mermaid Ring
Mermaid Ring
S.K. Rhoades

Mermaid Ring

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Mermaid Jewelry Philosophy:

Why do we stop dreaming? Why do we give up? Why do we GROW up?

When I was a senior in college my favorite art history professor gave a lecture stressing that women with children could NOT become serious artists. Her words resonate as I raise my beautiful daughters and prove her wrong daily. I could have given up, but I owe my children the gift of pursuing dreams, to lead them by my example. I won't give up.

In reality I did not find true artistic inspiration until my oldest daughter Lyra was born in 2008. She is the original mermaid, creator of dreams, fish out of water, fairy child.

In December of 2015 we were napping and I woke with the clearest vision of Lyra with a mermaid tail and before my feet hit the floor the design for the first piece of mermaid jewelry was designed.

Choose to be a mermaid.

Choose to dream.

Every time you wear one of my mermaids, remember that YOU are worthy of dreaming. With a little hard work and inspiration we can do ANYTHING.

Live your dreams, make them reality.

1" wide
New Bronze (Gold) or Sterling silver

Each piece will vary slightly from the picture since they are hand hand forged.

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